Welcome to my site. I am an amateur photographer, living in Gwent, South Wales.

I mainly use Nikon D3500, or D200 Digital SLRs, but also enjoy using F80 35mm film SLRs (mainly for Black & White, Ilford film).

I don't agree with photographs being over "Photoshopped" - so what you see on mine are very much as I saw the subject.

My subjects are varied, including land and sea-scapes, birds, animals, transport, construction and engineering.

Please have a look at the Photo Gallery, where you can get a larger view by clicking on each image. If you wish to comment on any of them, or would like to enquire about buying a copy/print, please leave a message in the "Contact me" section or via my email. And feel free to add comments in my guestbook. Please don't download my pictures, as you can only save a small-sized version, which will not do the picture any justice - and you will also be breaching my copyright!

Thanks for visiting my site, I do hope you enjoyed my pictures.

Jeff Hayward


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